August 2019 Upgrade



Positive Descriptions

The positive description templates that are used for adoption summaries now have the ability to use html. When going into administration > edit drop down lists > positive descriptions, there is now a new link to use HTML:


When the html option is selected the HTML editor will load and you can enter HTML:


When entering HTML in your adoption summaries please be careful to check that the adoption websites that you upload to (e.g. or accept HTML for their adoption text. If they do not then the html code may display for these pets.

Scheduling: Emails Sent

When sending reminder emails for scheduling appointments there is now a audit trail you can see of when they were sent, and in the case of manually sending them it will show the user that manually sent them. When you click the show button on the appointment (from the dashboard or search results page), the email audit will show as its own section:


License Expire

The license expire feature in administration was previously only expiring licenses that were past due where the current person linked the animal was the owner. With this upgrade this will change so it will expire the animals licenses regardless if the current owner is linked to the animal record or not.

Bite Reports - Animal Victims

The bite incident report now allows you to flag animals as victims to the bite.


There is an option to link an animal ID, or if the animal is not in the system you can capture some basic details on the animal.

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