May 2019 Upgrade



Animal Sub Statuses

Animals can now be updated with multiple sub statuses. From the animal details page the single sub status field is now replaced with a link to open a dialog so you can add or edit the sub statuses for an animal:

Clicking the add button will add a new row for you to add a new sub status. Once all your changes are made in the dialog window click "Confirm" and this will then close the dialog. Changes will not be saved until the update details button is clicked on the animal details page. If you forget to click update details button on the animal details page then a warning will show if you click away from the page (e.g. another link) letting you know that your changes have not yet been saved.

Note Templates

Note templates can now be linked to different categories. Previously if you had behavior templates or vet templates they would show under the same list, now linking to note categories you can have only the vet notes or behavior notes show depending on what category you have selected for your note. Adding a vet note won't change and by default with this upgrade all vet notes are added to all the vet categories and same with behavior:

Note templates can be setup for different categories via administration > note templates.

Edit Transfer Out Reasons

Administrative users can now edit transfer reasons when a pet is transferred out to a shelter / rescue group or agency / council. From administration navigate to maintain status history and search for the animal you would like to update. Selecting the transfer out status will then show the reason for transfer field to edit.



Disease Animals in Contact (288)

This report is having a name-change: it will now be called "Animal Movement - Kennel Occupancy". The reason for this change is that the function of the report is to track what animals occupied a particular kennel or location within a selected time frame, originally so you could track animals that may have been in contact with diseases. We've found that most users seem to use it primarily to track animal movements independent of risk of infection, therefore, the original title was somewhat confusing.

Adhoc Reporting Module

Monthly Intake Counts and Monthly Outcome Counts

These two entities provide summary counts by year, month,and basic Asilomar groups including Public, Internal Transfers, External Transfers, Adoptions, Return to Owner, Euthanized. These two counts are also separated by Animal Group. Although not an exact copy of Asilomar, this will make easy work of basic monthly stats.

Sub Statuses

With the latest changes for multiple sub statuses all existing report entities will show just one sub status and date (the most recently applied sub status). We have however added a new entity for sub status history that shows all the sub statuses and dates for animals.

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