VolunteerBuddy - Add hours worked to volunteer profile as Admin


On occasion it may be required for an Administrator to enter hours worked for a volunteer shift on behalf of the volunteer, for example, if there were no computers available for that shift or if a power outage (or similar) made accessing the internet impossible. 

This document walks you through how to add hours to a volunteer's profile on their behalf. 

  1. Log into Shelter Buddy and open Volunteer Buddy from the left-hand menu
  2. Find the Roster in question either by: 
    • Opening the Roles page, finding the role you would like to work with and find your volunteer on that roster, then click on their name OR
    • click on Volunteers and search for your volunteer's name, then click View > View / Volunteer Roster and click on the shift you need to add hours to
  3. Whichever method you choose, you should end up on a page that shows the Role and location of the event, the status of the shift and a series of buttons on the top right of the screen, similar to this:2018-09-06_11-03-37.jpg
  4. Click the button labelled Set Time Worked 
  5. You will be offered a screen with fields for the start and end dates and times for the shift: 2018-09-06_11-05-18.jpg
  6. These fields will default to the start and end times set for the shift. You can manually adjust by manually entering the information from the drop-downs offered. 
  7. When the start and end times reflect the hours the volunteer worked, click Set Time Worked
  8. The hours will be saved against the volunteer's shift and counted as normal hours worked. 
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