June 2018 Upgrade



Dispatch Job Status Change
When changing a dispatch job's status, you can now click any outcome shown in the help dialogue


Dispatch - New animal column
Animals listed on a dispatch job, now show the Physical Location when set.


Reduced person page load times
We identified and an area where we could improve the loading of the person page. In some cases, a person page will load up to 60% faster than before.

Medication Schedule/Animal Tasks Features
When creating a weekly schedule, you can now specify the day of the week the task should be performed on


When saving a task filter, you may now select to make the filter available to all users


When cancelling a medication, the reason will now show on the medical history of the animal

Digital Tablet Signatures - Support for supplementary text
When adding additional signatures to a tablet configuration, you can now specify supplementary text along with a label


Admin screen

Tablet screen

Issuing authority drop-down now only includes jurisdictions which have licensing fees associated to them

You can now upload mobile video formatted files, which are files with the extension of .3gp and .3p2

MedBuddy is now available in the iOS store

View and record ShelterBuddy medications on your mobile device
Download now:

57ba7f6b-da1a-47fc-ad1e-5de58dd1516d.png     9aae01ce-cbee-4111-bcbf-292694df03fd.png



*New Animals Currently In Foster Report - Detail (279)

Adhoc Reporting Module

User Details entity
This provides basic data on all Shelter Buddy users that are added. It includes the fields: name; username; dates added, deleted, last password change; default login region and regions they are allowed to access; active/inactive status; and what groups they are assigned to.

Dispatch Status History
We have added Next Status, Next Status Date, and Days At Status.

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