August 2018 Upgrade



Medication Labels
Medications can now have labels printed for them. This can be done from adding a medication screen, using the save button option:


Or also you can print the label from the medication history / schedule page next to each medication. The label prints the dispensed date, dosage, the medication type, instructions the selected veterinarian, the animals name and ID number, the current person linked to the animal and the address details of the shelter.



You also now have the option to add your own manual label instructions from the medication screen. There is a new field when entering a medication titled "Medication Label Instructions", when you enter instructions here they will print on the label instead of the ShelterBuddy generated instructions.


These labels have been designed for the Zebra GK420T printer.


*New Outstanding Pay Later Balances (280)
This report lists receipts that have a payment type of pay later where there is a balance outstanding. The date filter is the date of the original receipt, not the follow up payments.

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