March 2018 Upgrade




With the recent major update with medications we have made the following enhancements based on customer feedback.  If you would like to provide any further feedback on this module please contact support.

When adding medications for a repeating schedule, the new dialog will now default the start date to the current date and also default the drop down to "days" rather than blank.  This is to minimize the number of clicks when entering medications.

Medication schedules now show in a more readable format.  Previously it would print medications as something like "2 x ½ tablet every 1 day", where now it will display as "1/2 tablet , 2 time(s) every 1 day(s)". 

Completed medications can now be deleted.  Previously you could only delete medications that were still open to be administered to pets.

For the instances where you accidentally skip a medication you now will have the ability to undo skipped medications.  There will now be a reactivate button next to medications that have been skipped from the medication schedule (or task list page),so you can undo it and make the medication active to be administered.

The medication schedule / task list page has been updated so that it now includes the duration of the task (start date to end date) for recurring tasks. If a task is non-recurring the duration field will be blank.  There is also an option in the filters to include the notes in the results. The notes will be display on a separate row under the task details, if there are any notes to display for each task / medication.

The following screen shot shows the above changes:


The medication schedule link is also updated so now it will default to show completed medications as well.  The medication schedule link is also renamed to "Medication schedule / History".

Editing Medications

With the previous update you could only edit a medication that had not been administered.  This is to make sure that the correct medication was administered, for example if the type of medication had changed after it had been given, there is no way to tell what type of medication was given to an animal.  With this update we have added the ability to edit medications so that you can change the end date to extend the medications, and to also add / append notes.


Medication Defaults

This feature is due to customer feedback that there is too much information to enter for medications that are on a schedule.  We have setup medications so that you can default the options based on the medication chosen.  To set this up you go into administration > edit drop down lists > medications > maintain.  From this link you will see a new page that lists all your medications so you can edit or delete them.  Clicking Edit or create will show a new page where you can set the defaults for each time you enter a medication against an animal:
You can set the default amount to be administered, dispensed, the schedule and also the notes.  Then when entering the medication for the animal all these fields will default for you.  If you want to leave any fields to be manually entered you simply leave them blank when setting them up in admin.

Adding Multiple Medications

Another feature based on customer feedback is the ability to enter another medication quickly without having to reopen the medication dialog.  On the medication dialog you will now have an option to save and add another medication.


Bite / Scratch Incidents

You now have the option to enter the source of the bite.  For example if an officer brings in an animal from a bit complaint you can enter the officer's details.  This will then show on the printed form at the end of the process as well as the list bites report.

Trial Adoptions

When cancelling a trial adoption it would delete the trial adoption status.  With this upgrade the cancellation will leave the trial adoption status and then add the previous status to the animal.  This is so the trial adoption status remains in history and can be used to track failed trials with the pet for staff to review.

Animal Details - Breeder Registration

On the animal details page next to the field "Breeder / Shelter Registration #", there will be a new button called "Set Default Breeder Supply Number".  This will set your default breeder supply registration number to the animal record.  To set your organizations number please contact support.

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