How do I issue permits/licenses to Kennel facilities?


This is a feature we want to work on and include but have not gotten to yet. There is a Person Category from the Person Details page called "Permits" which is what we were hoping to use as a start for this module.

This feature does not have the ability to track issued or expiry dates at this time. 

As a short-term (even if somewhat inelegant solution) we suggest the following workaround: 

  • Navigate to the Person Details page for the person or organisation in question
  • Click Scroll to Bottom to find the Person Categories
  • Find and click on the option Permits
  • At the moment this Person Category allows you to just tick or untick a person with this category. Click the link Tick/Untick category for this person to mark the category on this file. 
  • Return to the Person Details page
  • Locate the Small Notes section at the bottom of the Main Details tab and enter the details of the permit into this field.
  • If applicable, you may wish to also enter the Breeder of information at the bottom of this tab as well. 
  • Click Update Details to save your changes. 

To locate these files, use Report 1 Mailing List

This report has a filter that enables you to select Person Categories to target just the files that have been flagged in this manner. It also has the option to show the Small Notes field so you can see the details you need on the report return. 

If you need to track issued/expiry dates, the only work-around we can offer at this time would be to set them up as a License Type and link them to a "fake" animal for tracking purposes. We have long term plans to improve this feature, but that won't be any time soon, unfortunately. 


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