Tracking Medications


Finding animals that are due for any given medication on a particular day can be done via:

  • Report 387 "Medication Requirements": this report will display animals that require medications within a date range. It can be filtered to include in care and not in care and can be set to exclude animals with a current Foster status or find only animals that have a current Foster status. 
  • Report 459 "Medications Due to Finish": this report specifically targets animals with medications administered that are due to be stopped within the selected date range. It uses the "End Date" field when adding a Medication to find its results. 
  • The Animal Tasks link available in the Search Menu on the Welcome/Search page.
    • To filter this list for medications only, use the filter Task and select the option Medication. Apply any other filters you need and click Search to see animals requiring medications only. 
  • The View Medication Scheule / History link in the Vet Treatments Menu on the Animal Details page will show you the medication history for a specific animal. It replaces the former "View Medication History" link. This option will have different defaults to Animal Tasks: because it is a historical record, it automatically filters for all medications for that animal (as opposed for restricting for just those set by users in the same Physical Location as you), including defaulting to showing completed tasks and defaulting to show medication notes also. 


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