How to get Active Report /Ad Hoc Reports to show in Shelter Buddy


Help a client give correct permissions on their Active Report Server reports so that they show up in Shelter Buddy

Step-by-step guide

In Active Report Server, you will create their own Reports. When you create a report, it is not automatically given the correct permissions for that report to show up on the Shelterbuddy "Report Server Reports" page. To give the correct permissions these are the instructions to follow.

  1. Go to the Active Report Server login page
  2. Log in (using your usual client username & password)
  3. You should now see the list of all reports you have created, left click on the Report you would like to give permission for others to run in Shelterbuddy (don't click the "Design/Preview/Delete" links)
  4. On the right on the screen, should appear the report Information, under the "Permissions" heading, you will see 2 Roles. "Everyone" and a role named similar to your Shelterbuddy site. Both should read "None". Click the drop-down next to the Role named similar to your Shelterbuddy site, and select "Read"
  5. That's it! Your report should now show in Shelterbuddy. You can view it by:
    1. Navigate to the "Reports" link in the left menu
    2. Click "Report Server Reports" at the top right of the page
    3. Your report should now be listed, click the link to your Report to run it from within Shelterbuddy.
  6. Repeat this process for any other reports you which to be visible to users on Shelterbuddy.


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