Running report 304 "Total by GL Code" over 24 hours vs 48 hours


You may have found that if you run this report for a specific period you get one total, but if you run it for the individual days within that period the sum of these individual totals is less than the greater time frame. 

The reason for this is that report 304 "Total by GL Code" does not take into consideration whether the receipt in question is "completed" or not. 

It is important to remember that many processes have auto allocated fees (e.g. adoptions, licensing / registration, reclaims / redemption etc.) Whenever one of these processes displays a receipt page, these fees are assigned a GL Code on that receipt page and the receipt is saved as an incomplete form - even if the user navigates away from the page without ever having clicked the "Update" button.

When this occurs, report 304 "Total by GL Code" and any other report that uses GL Codes will find these fees by the GL code in question, but because the receipt is unfinished it isn't sure what date it should be assigned to - the date created or the date it will be finalised.

For that reason, if you run report 304 for two days, it will find any unfinished receipt created within that time frame and add it to the total, but if you run it for just one of those days it will exclude totals from unfinished receipts because it can't confirm that is indeed the date it's meant to show for.

These receipts can be found by running report 629 "Detailed Donations by GL Code" and making sure the Payment Type and Receipt Total are flagged to display.

Look for any receipt with the Payment Type listed as "No Payment Type - Data Import". This identifies an unfinished receipt. The total of these unfinished receipts will be the discrepancy between the greater report return and the sum of the individual days. 

You can correct by either finishing the receipt or deleting it: either will make the report(s) balance once no more receipts with this payment type remain in the desired date bracket. 

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