How do I set up a License issuer that reuses the same tags each year?


In some cases, a license/registration issuer will not provide a new tag every time the license/registration is renewed. 

In this circumstance, the default block that prevents you from entering a duplicate tag becomes obsolete, so how do you set this up?

  1. From the orange left-hand menu, click the link Administration.
  2. Locate and click on the link Edit Drop Down Lists in the resulting menu.
  3. When the next menu loads, find your site's listing for Jurisdiction Group 
  4. Click the link Maintain.
  5. Select the required jurisdiction group from the drop-down and click the Edit button adjacent to it.
  6. The details for this group will display. Look for the option just beneath the name of the agency that reads "Issuer uses same license tag numbers each year". 
  7. Click the box beside this to mark it.
  8. Save the entry.
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