How to I process an Adoption Return brought in by a different family member?


When adopted, animals are usually linked to just one person from a family, but sometimes the animal is then returned to care and accepted as an Adoption Return via the Return PC via a different family member to the one who adopted it in the first place. 

This process shows you how to process this particular scenario. It assumes you have already verified that the person presenting the animal has the authority to do so and that the animal is eligible to be accepted as a Return. 

  1. Locate the animals original file and make a note of the Animal ID number.
  2. Make a note of the adopting person's Person ID number. 
  3. From the Welcome / Search page, search for the details of the person presenting the animal to the shelter.
    1. If they do not exist, create a file for them
  4. On the Person Details page, click the Relationships link in the Person Menu at the top of the page
  5. Click Add Relationship
  6. Enter the Person ID number into the Go to Person ID text box at the top and click View
  7. Depending on your local settings, you may get a search return summary line showing you basic details of the person you just searched for. If this appears, click the Select link on the left to proceed.
  8. Click the type of relationship this person has to the original person (e.g. Spouse, Family Member etc)
  9. Click Add Relationship
  10. Once that has processed, click the Return to Person Details Page link to proceed
  11. Click Scroll to Bottom
  12. In the Person Categories at the bottom of the page, locate and click on the link Returns
  13. From the resulting menu, select the link Return Animal not linked to person
  14. In the resulting search page, enter the Animal ID number for the pet being returned into the Go to Animal ID text box and click View
  15. Again, you may see a search return summary so you can confirm you have entered the correct Animal ID number. If correct, click the Return link on the left.
  16. The Source will automatically default to "Return"
  17. Complete the following:
    • Select the appropriate incoming Status
    • If you site requires a Shelter Tag for in care animals, enter this now.
    • Check the microchip number is correct
    • Animal Name: Update if required.
    • Circumstance: click the down arrow to select "Return"
    • Distinguishing Features: update if required
    • Evaluation Category: if applicable for your site, click the down arrow to add an Evaluation Category. 
    • Evaluation Condition: if applicable, select the appropriate evaluation conditions from the multi-select box. Hold down Ctrl and click to select more than one option. 
    • Date In / Found: will default to today. Amend if required.
    • Shelter Location: if known, add the shelter location by clicking the down arrow on the drop down box.
    • Return Reason: Click the down arrow to select a reason for return from the drop down box. If there is no relevant reason available, select the reason "Other" and add details into the Other Return Reason text box. NOTE: this box is only active if the return reason is Other.  
    • If required, update information from the Lost / Found address: Shire / Jurisdiction is usually mandatory.
  18. Check everything is correct and click Update to proceed.
  19. Depending on your local set-up; an Adoption Return Questionnaire page will appear. If there are questions here, fill in all responses and select Update and Print.
    • If no questions are set up for your site, click the Update Details button to proceed.
  20. You will now have an option to select either a Receipt (i.e. positive amount: the customer must pay a fee) or Refund Receipt (i.e. negative amount: the customer recieves a refund of adoption fees paid) - select a button depending on your processes. 
  21. The receipt processing page will display. Complete the following:
    • Payment / Refund Method (depending on which selection was made on the last screen): select how the payment will be made from the drop down.
    • Amount / Refund Amount: May auto-allocate depending on your local settings, or enter an amount now. Regardless of whether this is a positive amount or refunded amount, it will look the same at this stage.
    • Select a Cash Draw if required.
    • Allocations: allocate any fees until the Unallocated Amount is $0
    • For refunds, you should have a special refund/return GL code set up to allocate these fees to. 
    • If you site is set up for Digital Signatures, have the client sign now.
    • Click Update + Print to view the completed document.
    • You can print a copy now, or return to the Animal Details page to email directly to the client if you are paperless. 
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