Release a Possible Match


This process will unlink a previous possible match in the system once it has been determined that the linked possible match is not the right animal. 

  1. Access the Edit Person Details page of the person who has lost their animal.
  2. On the Edit Personal Details page click on Scroll To Bottom or scroll to the Personal Categories menu and click on the Lost link or Found link as applicable.
  3. Click on the Previous Possible Match link.
  4. Click on the Edit Match link
  5. The Possible Match quote page will display.
    • No Match: place a check mark in the box.
    • Date Not Matched: click on the Calendar Icon to select the date it was determined that the animal was not a match.
    • Click Update Possible Match.
  6. This will return the linked possible match Edit Animal Details status back to the previous status. It will no longer say Hold for Possible Match.
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