Possible Match Procedure - Match for Information Animal (Status is Lost or Found)


This pertains to the possible match of a Lost animal record to a Found animal record or vice versa, i.e. neither animal is currently in care. While searching through a list on the Animal Search Results page of found animals that have been reported you may come across one or more possible matches.

  1. Conduct the relevant Lost or Found search for animal records.
  2. On the Animal Search Results page, if you find a record with an information status (Lost or Found) that may be a match, right click on the Edit link of that file and click on the Open in New Window This will open a new window displaying that animal’s Edit Animal Details page where you can look at all of the details on file to see if this could be a possible match and maintain your search results on the main window.
  3. If you have found a possible match, document the Animals ID number and the Status on a piece of paper.
  4. To obtain the finders Person ID:
    1. Click on the Go To Personal Entry link on the Edit Animal Details window. This will open the finder’s Edit Person Details page that is linked to the animal file. 
    2. Document the finders Person ID and for reference the person's name on the paper next to the animals Animal ID and
    3. Close the window displaying the person page. Continue through the list on the main window repeating this process for all possible matches.
  5. Once you have identified one or more possible matches you will need to link the possible match(s) to the possible owner.
  6. Access the possible owner’s Edit Personal Details *the person who reported the animal as missing.
  7. On the Edit Personal Details page click on the Scroll To Bottom link or scroll to the Personal Categories menu and click on the Lost link
  8. On the Lost page click on the Add a Possible Match link. The Animal Search page will display.
    • Animal ID: enter the Animal ID of the possible match.
    • Click
  9. The Possible Match Animal Details screen detailing the animal’s basic details displays. Review to ensure you have selected the correct animal file to link as a possible match.
    • If the animal details displayed are incorrect, click on the here link at the top of the screen to return to the Animal Search page and enter the correct Animal ID number.
    • If the animal details displayed are correct, click Continue.
  10. If the Possible Match screen detailing quote information displays do not complete any of these fields unless there are notes to be displayed. If not, simply click Finalize Possible Match. If this screen does not display skip to step #11.
    • Other Information: if there are notes that need to be displayed on the Edit Animal Details page in the Ownership Notes field they can be typed here.
    • Click Finalize Possible Match.
  11. The Possible Match Summary will display and can be printed if needed.
  12. This process has linked the Found animal record to the Previous Possible Matches link on the Lost menu page of the possible owner, the status on the Found animal file was automatically changed from Found to Hold for Possible Match and the possible owners details have automatically displayed in the Ownership Notes field on the Edit Animal Details page of the Found
  13. Repeat the process above for additional possible found matches.
  14. When finished, on the last Possible Match Summary click on the Return to Lost
  15. Click on the List Existing Lost Animals link
  16. Right click on the Edit link of the lost animal in question and click on the Open in New Window This will open a new window displaying that animal’s Edit Animal Details page.
    1. Scroll to the General Animal Notes link in the Animal Menu on the right of screen. Click the link to open a new pop up. Each entry will automatically record the date and time and the user who added it. 
    2. Enter the Animal ID of the found possible match, the Person ID of the finder, their name and contact telephone numbers, the date and the initials of the user that processed the Possible Match. Repeat if there is more than one Possible Match
    3. Click Update Details and close the Edit Animal Details

NB: Possible Match is an informational status that can only be applied to animals that are not in care. The process should automatically select this status for you. 

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