How to copy Vet Treatments to bulk animals


You can copy Vet Treatments administered to an an animal over to bulk animals of the same type using the link in the Animal Menu Copy Vet Treatments to Other Animals.


  1. Administer the Treatment you wish to administer to the first animal via the process described in Add Vet Treatment Procedure.
  2. In the Animal Menu, locate and click on the link Copy Vet Treatments to Other Animals
  3. A page will load that displays options to enter animals to copy the treatment to, and displays all treatments administered to the first animal that you may choose to copy.
  4. Animals selected should be of the same type as the initial animal (i.e. Dog to Dog, Kitten to Kitten) to ensure the treatments copy and function correctly.
  5. Here you may enter the animals you want to copy the treatment to by adding each individual Animal ID number one at a time in the box provided and hitting the “enter” key on your keyboard.
  6. You can also enter multiple animals with sequential Animal ID numbers by entering the first and last Animal Id into the boxes marked add animals by ID range and hitting the “enter” key on your keyboard.
  7. You can enter litters of animals by clicking the Add Animals by Litter link and ShelterBuddy will automatically add any animals attached to the one you have selected in the first place by the link for litters. NB: animals must be linked via the Create Litter feature for this to work.
  8. Once all animals are loaded, check the listing for Vet Treatments GIVEN and Vet Treatments DUE. Each treatment linked to the starting animal will display here. Select which treatments you wish to copy to subsequent animals by marking the box next to the relevant treatment. You must select both the treatment GIVEN and the treatment DUE in order for them both to copy (or only the selected one will copy).
  9. Once all treatments are selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save” button.
  10. The treatments will now appear in the Vet Treatment Records of all the animals selected exactly the same way they were entered against the original animal.

Don’t forget to:

  • Print out a new Kennel Card.
  • Add any applicable notes to the General Animal Notes link in the Animal Menu on the right side of the Edit Animal Details
  • Add any applicable notes to the Vet Notes link in the Animal Menu on the right side of the Medical Notes
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