Fundraising Terminology Definitions


Campaign is the specific initiative title e.g. "Christmas Appeal" or "Tax Appeal"

Campaign Type defines the function of the campaign. This includes options such as Appeal, Event, or Sponsorship.

All Appeals, therefore, must link to a campaign in order to work but a campaign doesn't have to be linked to an appeal (it may be linked to an Event or Sponsorship etc.).

Appeal Category: This flags donors so if a person donates towards a campaign - for example, if a previous donation was $20 and you want them to donate a little more like $30, you flag them as an appeal category so they will get a letter pushing them to donate a little higher. Then when the donation comes back it has the appeal code on it so it can them be linked back and you can review how well the letter went against that particular campaign appeal and category. Or you can flag them as a Major Donor so they get a more personalised and special letter. On Campaign Admin page, you are setting up which appeal categories will be used with this campaign.

Appeal category descriptions should be something friendly, like Major Donor Upgrade with code MDU.

Batch: a collection of payments processes simultaneously. 

Campaign Target: target amount of money aimed to be raised by the campaign.

Donor Campaign: Any campaign where the goal is purely to have supporters donate money.

Animal Walk Event: a campaign where supporters raise money by gaining sponsorship to participate in an event involving them and their pet.

Key Objective: These are set up in admin and displayed on Campaign page to tick off. This objective is not financially measured, e.g. raise awareness or a particular situation entice donors to become regular givers.

Value of Advantage: This is to record the value that is not a donation amount, e.g. a gala ticket may cost $100 and includes $25 for the meal so the donation value is $75 and the value advantage is $25.

Letter Templates can be linked to Appeal Category loaded in Receipts > Maintain Letter Templates.

Quote Obtained: loaded in Administration > Edit Drop Down Lists > Quote External Party. This is used to record campaign linked quotes for events, event marketing or target projects, e.g. items and services that need to be sourced from external parties in order to make the campaign a success such as promotional material or venue hire. 

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