Person Page Check Box Definitions


Some of these check boxes have been added to collect information and allow for future reports if requested by individual customers on person records with individual attributes.


Definitions and Functions:




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Status Active (checked)

This defaults as checked when entering a new person.


Enables the person record to be included on mailing lists and reports.


Status Active (unchecked) -> Inactive Reason

If the check mark is removed from the Status Active box a new field will display titled Inactive Reason.  This identifies the reason the person record has been deemed inactive.


Disables the person record from being included on mailing lists, reports and searches.

Prospective Donator

Identifies this person as a prospective / active donor to the shelter.


Enables the person record to be included on a prospective donor report.


Do Not Adopt

Indicates if the person has been identified as someone who is unsuitable to adopt animals from the shelter.


Generates a pop up window that appears when the Adoption PC is accessed.  The pop up displays the following message: Warning! This person has the DO NOT ADOPT box ticked, please check with supervisor.


Breeder of …. Animals

Identifies the person as a breeder and the breed they specialize in.


Was initially set up to prevent campaign mailers from going to certain breeders.  An example would be it would stop a mailer going out to a Jack Russell breeder regarding tail docking.  Not sure if this is the function now or if it works.


Do Not Foster

Indicates if the person has been identified as someone who is unsuitable to foster animals from the shelter as a foster carer or a wildlife carer.


Generates a warning popup window that appears when the Foster Person PC is accessed.

This Person is a Vet

Identifies this person as a veterinarian.


Was to initially add the persons name to the Vet Name drop down on the Vet Notes page.  Also was there so a report could be pulled easily which identified all vets.


Great Supporter of East Bay SPCA


Indicates the person has donated over $5000.00 to the shelter.

Generates a popup window that appears when the person record is accessed.  The popup displays the following message: This person is a great supporter of East Bay SPCA; they have donated over $5000!


Accept SMS Mail?


Indicates the person will accept text messages from the shelter on their cell/mobile phone.


Identifies and additional way to contact the person if needed for things such as locating their lost animal or to notify them of an up coming event.


Do not disclose person details

The person has requested that their information is not given to anyone other than the shelter.


Prevents the persons information from being used by other affiliates or allowing access by other persons.


Would person like to be on ailing list?


Click on the down arrow to select Yes or No.

Small Notes:

This box is to be used if there is any information about this person that may be useful when contacting them.  EX: “Mr. Smith is deaf and will need to be contacted via the National Relay Service”, “Mrs. Smith has trouble getting to the telephone so she may take a while to get there, just keep ringing” or “The residential address and home phone number belong to Mr. Jackson’s mother.  He is currently living in his mobile home.”


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