Why don't all the License fee reports tally with each other?


You may expect these reports (547 "License Fees Collected by Fee Category, 647 "License Fees Collected From Department" and 192 "License Amounts Per Jurisdiction) to find the same results every time, but they may not because they are actually looking for different things. 

License Fees Collected By Fee Category: This report uses the license issue date in its date range

License Fees Collected From Department: This report uses the receipt date and not the license issue date.

Additionally, if the animals don't have issue dates this will also affect how these two reports collect data. These reports won’t match up unless the receipt date is made the same as the issue date.

License Amounts Per Jurisdiction: This report uses the owner's address for the jurisdiction where the other reports use the issuer.  For example if an animal has a license issuer assigned from one jurisdiction, but the owner's physical address is in a different jurisdiction, this will report differently on this report to the others.  

Also, this report uses the receipt amount and not the license fee amount, so for example if an animal has a license fee of $75.00 but the total receipt comes to $343 because of boarding fees, impound fees etc, then License Amounts Per Jurisdiction will report the larger sum, while the other two reports will only report the fees relating directly to the license. 

This is why there can be such a large discrepancy.

Depending on which element you would like to report on: receipt dates, issue dates, receipt amounts or just standard license fees, will all vary which report you should use.  But these reports won’t ever match up because they are reporting on different areas of the system.

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