License Replacement Tag Procedure


This procedure applies to the issuing of a replacement License tag. Only licenses with the status "Current" will work for a Replacement Tag. If there is no "Current" license for the animal, you will not see the correct links to replace the tag, you will only be able to add a new license. 


  1. Search for person licensing their animal.
    • If found, skip to step #3.
    • If not found, click on the Create a New Entry link or click on the New Record link in the orange menu to the left of the screen.
    • Fill in the relevant blanks on the Add New Person page. Mandatory fields: first name, last name, residential address, mailing address if different than residential, telephone number, and gender.  Depending on your organization you may be required to confirm identification and include date of birth.
    • Click Update Details.
  2. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link in the upper left-hand section of the screen and click on the License link in the Personal Categories section.
  3. Because this is a replacement tag, the animal will already have a license history. Click the link to License an Existing Animal.
  4. Select the License link next to the animal in question.
  5. The Animal Details page will display. Check that all the information is still current, amend anything required, and then click Update Details to proceed.
  6. You will see a bar that lists the current status of the license on the right, and on the left gives you options to Renew or Edit.
  7. IMPORTANT: make note of the expiry date now
  8. Above this bar, there is an orange link to Add New Registration Details Here. Use only this link to proceed.
  9. The License Details page will display.
  10. Using the previous Expiry Date, now enter the Expiry Date. This is a required field. 
  11. Find the checkbox Replacement Tag and mark it. The previous tag number issued to the pet will display in the text box marked Previous Tag Number.
  12. Enter a new tag number in the License Tag Number text box.
  13. Flag the Replacement Tag Fee box. The preset fee will display and be added to the total for the receipt. (Replacement Tag Fees can be set in Administration > License Administration > Additional License Fees)
  14. Animal Location Details: indicate or enter the address where the animal is to be registered to via the license. You can use one of the radial buttons to copy the owner’s residential or mailing address if applicable or enter an all-new address if the animal is housed at a different location to the person licensing it.
  15. Click Add Details
  16. The Add Receipt page will display.
  17. Payment Method: Click on the down arrow to select the method of payment. EX: credit card, check, cash, etc.
  18. Complete applicable fields based on the payment method.
  19. Ensure there is a designated allocation selected.
  20. Click Update + Print.
  21. Print two copies of the receipt, and have the owner sign your copy.
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