License Renewal Procedure


This process details how to renew an existing license. Animals must be actively linked to the person to be able to renew the license through their Person Record. 

Important: if a license has expired, it cannot be renewed and a new license record will need to be created.

  1. Search for the relevant Person Page. Since the animal is known to exist, the person should already have a record. 
  2. Click the Scroll to Bottom link to locate the Person Categories at the bottom of the page, and find and click on the License link. 
  3. Click the link Edit / Renew a License
  4. Click the Renew link against an animal which is being issued a renewed license. You won't see this link if the pet's license is:
    • Expired
    • An exemption 
    • Incomplete
  5. On the Animal Details page, make any changes required and click Update Details to proceed. 
  6. Old license will automatically update to have a status of 'Renewed'.
  7. Fill the license page in as normal:
    • Select the License Type
    • Select the Issue Date as required. If the Expiry Date is set to manual entry, set this date.
    • Select the address the animal is to be licensed at. 
    • Complete any further details as required by local settings for that Issuing Authority.
  8. Click Add Details to proceed to the Receipt page
  9. Complete the receipt details as required to finish. 


 NOTE: The animal must be linked to the person in question for the license to be renewed.

If the animal is not currently linked, you can link it via the Identification & Services PC > Transfer Animal Details to New Owner process. This links the animal to the person without changing the existing source or status. 

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