How do I change all the animal types in an animals status / source history?


If an animal has an incorrect animal type in one of more of its status or source histories, you can change this by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the animal details page for the animal
  2. Click the "change" link next to the animals type label
  3. A dialogue will open, change the animal's class, type and breed then click Save.
  4. A warning will show to give you a chance to cancel the editing, click "Save Changes" button to continue.

The animal type and all histories will now be saved.

NOTE: When amending Source history via Administration > Maintain Source History for an Animal, note that you can only change Type here between baby and adult types; e.g. from Dog to Puppy and vice versa. You cannot change from one species to a different species via Admin; this can only be done from the Animal Details page. 

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