November 2017 Upgrade



Animal Tasks - Create a product order

The new animal task feature now has the ability to create a product order when the task is completed. When setting up your tasks via administration there is a new field "Charge products to customer?" that is available under the tasks location. This will default if the product is charged to the customer, if not it will just allow you to track the cost of an animal but not charge it to anyone.


Animal Tasks - Adding from the animal details page

When choosing to add an animal task from the animal details page, you previously had to re-enter the animal ID, we have now made this easier by the system auto defaulting this for you.

Document Manager

When you view the document library (or document manager on the animal details page), there are now counts on each left-hand tab to show how many documents have been added.


When you view the documents tab, there are now additional options in the sort drop down. These options offer the reverse of what was there already and are suffixed with (desc).

Agency Transfer Status Merged

With this update we are merging the duplicate status "Agency Transfer Out" to "Transfer Out". For most of our customers the Agency Transfer Out status should not be available so this change should not not have too much of an affect, however if users do notice this status missing you can direct them to use the "Transfer Out" status.


*New Unlicensed Animals with Rabies Vaccinations (745)
This report lists animals that do not have a current license and have a rabies vaccination.

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