Why can't I select this email for a VolunteerBuddy login?


You may encounter an issue where you have set up a volunteer, and there is an email address clearly visible on their profile, but when you click the Volunteer Person Category and then click "Yes" to create a login but the page then prompts you to enter an email address. 

This happens when that email address is already being used for a Volunteer Buddy login.

To troubleshoot:

  1. Go to the Advanced Person Search page and scroll down to the Email box
  2. Enter the email address visible on the person's file into the box and click Search
  3. If the page returns more than one result, check to see if they are the same person.
  4. If they are not the same person, check your email address. If you have multiple members of the same family volunteering, they must have unique email addresses, they can't use a shared "family" one. You may need to source an alternate email for the person you are working with. 
  5. If they ARE the same person, check the other files to see if the Volunteer PC is already marked. If it is, the person already has a login.
  6. Merge the files if this is appropriate. This is the fastest way to resolve the issue. 
  7. If merging isn't possible for any reason, contact support@shelterbuddy.com for further assistance. 


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