VolunteerBuddy - Rostering Volunteers as Administrator


Although VolunteerBuddy is designed so volunteers can roster their own shifts, sometimes it is necessary and even preferred for Administrators to set the roster on the volunteer's behalf. 

To Roster a Volunteer:

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click the link for VolunteerBuddy in the orange left-hand menu. 
  2. When the VolunteerBuddy portal loads, click the link Roles in the menu options at the top right of the screen to load the Roles landing page. 
  3. Search for the Role you need using the Search feature - just type the beginning of the role name and it will automatically load matching results. 
  4. Click the View Roster button. The default view will look like this:2017-08-23_7-38-00.jpg
  5. This is the Agenda view. It shows you the date, shift times, shifts and will display in brackets any volunteers rostered for that shift. 
  6. In the top right, you will see buttons for alternative views. This allows you to see the events for that day, week or month as you need to. 
  7. Shifts that only Administrators can roster are indicated using the "Spy" icon indicated here on this view by month: 2017-08-23_7-39-03.jpg
  8. Click on any given shift to see details, then click the Edit button in the top right:2017-08-23_7-50-05.jpg
  9. This will make the +Add Volunteer button appear. 2017-08-23_7-50-21.jpg
  10. Click the +Add Volunteer button to receive additional options. Place your cursor in the box marked Volunteer and select from the list offered. 
    • NOTE: only currently active volunteers that are qualified for this role will be offered in the drop down. You cannot roster a volunteer more than once on a shift. 
  11. If the volunteer wishes to work that shift more than once, select an option from the box marked Recur and the roster will be set for them.
  12. Click +Add Volunteer again to add additional volunteers to the shift and repeat until all positions are filled. Rostered volunteers will appear in an active list with a counter at the top: 2017-08-23_7-51-19.jpg
  13. If required, you can mark that a Volunteer was absent for a shift at the same time you roster them, but this option will default to No.
  14. Once all required volunteers are added, click the Save button at the top right to save your changes, or click Cancel to navigate away without saving. 
  15. Your rostered volunteers will now be visible on the Role's Agenda. 
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