Searching for an Existing Campaign


To find an existing campaign and tweak its settings:

  1. From the Welcome / Search Page, click on the Fundraising link in the orange left-hand menu
  2. In the resulting menu, click on the Campaign Management link
  3. Click on the link Campaign Search
  4. The resulting page will give you a variety of search fields. If you prefer, you can make no selection and simply click the Search button to find ALL existing campaigns, OR
    • Campaign Name: This field searches for the name of a specific campaign.
    • Campaign Type: This field restricts the search to just those that fall within a specific type e.g. Event, Promotion, Appeal etc. 
    • Start Date: This offers an option to find any campaign that records a start date between the dates selected. 
    • End Date:  This option will find campaigns with an end date recorded between the two dates selected. 
    • Show: Offers an option to refine your search to only active campaigns, or just inactive campaigns but will default to showing both. 
  5. On the resulting list, there is a link on the left to Edit the campaign. Click the link to view the Campaign and make changes. 
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