Opting In / Out for Sponsors/Partners


If you've had the uplink to PetCo Love Lost, Petcademy, or any of our other partner organisations activated on your site, you'll find a new page appearing within your adoption process, before the Adoption Receipt page:

Make a selection from the drop down:

- Yes opt in will send the client's information to Activ4Pets

- No - do not opt in will withhold the client's information from Activ4pets


Click Continue to proceed to the receipt page. 

Depending on which partner organisation is selected, the selection may trigger an additional clause to appear on your receipt page as per the requirements of that sponsor/partner. In this case, the text is standard and cannot be changed. 


You can track how many people are signing up for the option via reports 44 "Person Opt In Report - Summary" and report 40 "Person Opt In Report - Detailed". 



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