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A great new solution to help you save staff time, boost revenue AND save animal lives

Announcing our partnership with Activ4Pets!
BIG News: We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Activ4Pets - a mobile health App for Animal Shelters’ Pet Adopters

How the Activ4Pets partnership program works:

After shelter pet adoption process is complete and noted as such in Shelter Buddy system, Activ4Pets will automatically transfer the adopted pet’s profile information and any health records directly from the Shelter Buddy software into the new Pet Adopter’s Activ4Pets account overnight. The Pet Adopter receives an email to login into their Activ4Pets account and to download the free app. This account gives the Pet Adopter immediate access to vital information (pet age, breed, adoption date, vaccinations, allergies, microchip # and more) via their smartphone or computer.

Special Price for Shelter Buddy Shelter Partners:

Currently, the Activ4Pets yearly subscription retail price is $24 per year, however through this partnership a non-profit reduced price is set at only $6 per subscription (75% discount) that can be added to the pet adopter’s adoption fee (a minimal cost) that will help generate new revenue shared between your animal shelter, Shelter Buddy and Activ4Pets. To drive additional revenue for your shelter, Activ4Pets handles renewing the Activ4Pets subscriptions the following years with the members and continues to share the revenue from subscription renewals with your shelter year 2, 3, 4 and on allowing your shelter to significantly increase revenue, year on year between new pet adopters and renewing Activ4Pets members.

So what does Activ4Pets do for the Pet Adopter?
Health records are just the beginning of the client benefits.  Watch this short video to discover more about this innovative mobile health solution:

How Activ4Pets Works
Activ4Pets’ CEO and Founder Florent Monssoh, says: ‘I believe that pets have a very important place in our lives and a profound and positive impact on us as humans, I also believe it is our responsibility to do everything we can to help pets have a happy and healthy life. My goal with Activ4Pets, partnering with Shelter Buddy is to provide the best technology solutions and service to help animal shelters save as many pets as possible and helping them stay in healthy in good homes. Our integration and partnership program is all about generating results that make a positive impact for your shelter; saving staff time, generating revenue and branding your organization to the many pet adopters in your community.’

"I commend Florent Monssoh, an already successful IT global entrepreneur for his vision of taking a state-of-the-art human telemedicine solution Activ Doctors Online and creating Activ4Pets to offer the same high-tech health care benefit for our loved pets and animal welfare organizations around the globe. I’m excited that our platform integration with Activ4Pets partnership program helps animal shelters gain new efficiency, enhance communications and empower the shelter’s pet adopters to be more proactive with a modern health tool that is always in their pocket. Through our partnership, I look forward to continuing to innovate with Activ4Pets team for the benefit of animal shelters and pets" said Shelter Buddy CEO Mark Townend.

Please Complete this PARTNER INFO FORM ( and/or contact Kimberly Heeney, VP of Operations directly.

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