2022 January - User Experience Improvements and Bug Fixes


New Features

Sorting Restricted Pets

  • Restricted pets can now be found through the Visibility filter on the "All Pets Menu"

Add another country

  • For adopters who do not have a document of the country of selection when applying can select an option called "Another Country" so that they can inform the ID of another type of document, such as Passport number.

Contract Signature & Payment processed by Shelter

  • Shelters can now sign the adoption contract and complete checkout in the behalf of the adopter.


  • Persisted Filters were removed from search bars on All Pets, Adoptions, and Visitors menus

  • Improved language on the Email confirmation warning on the adopter account.

  • Improved contrast between colors on the table rows of the system so users can better spot information.

  • Actions and Details buttons are now always visible on the table rows of the system.

  • 9, 10 and 11 digit phone numbers are now accepted when creating adopter accounts.

  • Improved Acceptance of New Zealand and Australian addresses using the zip/postcodes as main references to match cities and suburbs.

Bug Fixes

  • Adoption fee is now being shown at the checkout moment

  • Improved Contract Signature Experience

  • Users can't use special characters and blank spaces to sign the contract anymore.

  • After a user that's not logged in sponsors a pet, it leads to the rightful thank you page.

  • Animal Placement working properly

  • When editing an animal for in shelter or in foster, it is being correctly saved.

  • Finalizing applications that integrate with Shelter Buddy, are now working properly.

  • Adopters can now be searched by first and last name together on visitors menu and contacts tab.

  • Adopters can now submit applications seamlessly.

  • Table alignment is properly working on all pages that use tables.

  • Scanning QR codes of unavailable pets are properly leading to "Animal Not Available" page.

  • Lead Process Tag and Lead Process Tag time are now paired

  • Applications are now correctly being assigned to pets. (Bug that impacted one client)

  • Typo on the Shelterbuddy outcome confirmation page fixed

  • "Notify visitor" option on the actions button dropdown click area problem is now solved.

  • The payment system is now stabilized.

  • Foster users can't favorite adopters anymore.

  • The system now tells adopters that their login has expired and they have to sign in again in order to view their profiles, adoption inquiries and pet detail pages.

  • Approving Shelter Buddy adoption inquiries is now working seamlessly.

  • Questions by species are being now correctly displayed to their matching pet species.

  • Shelter staff productivity data inside the user details page is now matching the reports' page data.

  • Foster details are now being shown when the animal is Restricted.

  • Kiosk visuals are now stabilized.

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