What is Finding Rover?


Shelterbuddy is pleased to announce its partnership with Finding Rover a facial recognition system for pets.

This exciting new partnership will assist in saving the lives of many animals by ensuring they are returned to their owners swiftly by using facial recognition technology. One of the biggest issues with lost pets is that everyone describes them differently and this new facial recognition software and apps makes it easy to match the dogs accurately. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

This is an exciting partnership between two organizations that truly do have the welfare of animals as their focus and using the very latest technology to save animals lives.

Shelter Buddy will seamlessly register pets on the Finding Rover database at the time of adoption.

All you need to do is send an email to support with the subject Finding Rover and ask that it be turned on for your site, then at the point of adoption, the photo and relevant pet information will be sent to the Finding Rover database.  Your adoption contract wording is amended to ensure the new owner agrees and is aware this is happening.

In the coming months the Finding Rover technology will be expanded to include cats.

We are very pleased to partner with John Polimeno and his team from Finding Rover and congratulate them for their vision in making this technology a reality and look forward to a long partnership in reuniting lost pets. More information on Finding Rover can be found at www.findingrover.com or here is a short video explaining the process, http://www.countynewscenter.com/video?v=154397


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