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Adding a service area defines what areas you are comfortable accepting jobs for and how far you are willing to travel to undertake them. You can select multiple service areas if, for example, you would like to accept jobs around your work area as well as your home area. 

  1. From the Dashboard, select My Profile in the menu on the left.
  2. Select the option Service Areas
  3. A map will load to the right of the menu
  4. Click the Add Service Area button and a search box will appear beneath the map.
  5. Place your cursor in the search box beneath the map and begin to type the address you would like to centre your service area around. Alternately, you can type the postcode or the beginning of the name of a suburb if you would like to include the whole suburb. 
  6. Select an option from the list of suggestions that will appear below the text box:
  7. NOTE: you MUST select an option from this list in order for the map to find your preferred base. If you selected a postcode or a general suburb, the map will centre on where the name of that suburb is positioned on the map. 
  8. Once your suburb is selected, the map will reset to show that suburb with a red circle surrounding it. This circle represents the area you are willing to cover. 
    • Note: areas can only be represented as circles around a central point. It cannot support oval-shaped areas. 
  9. You can change the position of the red circle by clicking within the circle and holding down the mouse button to drag it into a new position. Release the mouse button to set the new area.
  10. You can change the size of the area in two ways:
    • Hover your mouse over a white dot at the edge of the circle until the mouse cursor changes to a symbol with arrows pointing in opposite directions on either side of two horizontal lines. Click and hold the mouse button to drag the edge of the circle. The circle will expand evenly in all directions. Release the mouse button to set the new area. OR
    • Beneath the map is a slide rule with 1.0km on the right end of it. Click on the blue ball on the left end of the slide rule and move it towards the right end. The circle and the kilometre radius indicator on the right end of the rule will expand with it.  
  11. Once you are happy with the position of the red circle, click the Update button at the bottom to save your selection. 
  12. To start over, click the Cancel button. You will return to the original map page view. 
  13. Once saved, your service area will appear in a row beneath the map, titled with the suburb only. 
  14. To Edit click the Edit button on the right-hand end
  15. To remove the service area entirely, click the Delete button on the right-hand end.
  16. To add an additional service area, click the Add Service Area button and repeat as above. You may do this as often as you like. 
  17. Once all your service areas are added, they will appear simultaneously on the main map like this:
  18. You are now eligible to accept tasks in your chosen area(s)!
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